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 Ranks of Admins 
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Post Ranks of Admins
OWNERS have full control of the server. Owners role is to want the best for the server and players. The main task is to make .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ a great place to play the game Counter Strike 1.6. Work of owners is very demanding and jobs include getting involved in monthly boosts, weekly boosts, single boosts, monitoring rank of server,
keeping track of players online, advertising server on internet, stay in contact with server staff at all times and to build server onwards and upwards.


HEAD ADMINS have most control in the serever. Head Admins role is to help .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ reach the maximum standards available and push server for the better. Work of Head Admins is very encouraging but on the other hand can get stressfull.
Jobs include looking for new Admins and VIPs, to be active in forum/fb, following topics for ban/unban and admin requests and vip requests, advertising in server, often boosting server, stay active in game, keep control of Lead Admins and Regular Admins and help to gain them experience as well as address whats right and whats wrong, often negotiate with Owners what could improve the server, take responsibily of any mistakes that occurred, always inform the owners of bad situation that happend and must be willing to push the server to be better and stronger day after day also to create a fantastic environment for all players.

LEAD ADMINS have more control in server than Regular Admins. Lead Admins role is to spend most time in the server and to help make .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ reach top ranks also create a friendly environment for all and get new players to join server by boosting 1x a week. The work of Lead Admins is very exciting jobs include keeping server clean from cheaters to make .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ a great and fair place to be in, controlling chat for other players abusing/swearing ect., make use of extra amx commands by restarting/unlagging/setting max rate and so on in server, encouraging Regular Admins to spend more time in server also to be friendly, any problems to report to Head Admins or Owners immediately, to use own experience and knowlege wise in the server.

V.I.P are the most active players in .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ By enjoying the game and experiencing the best gameplay in the server anybody can gain V.I.P at any age by boosting the server 1x for 1 month duration. For V.I.P visit Forum section VIP requests and look at Stickies notes VIP info to see what are the V.I.P advantages in the server.

REGULAR ADMINS have 5 commands in serever. Ban, Kick, Gag, Slap, Slay.
Regular Admins role is to make use of amx commands in server on a daily basis and want .::sKillz#::. Arena::..℠ to be one of nicest servers to play in. Work of Regular Admins is very fun to ban a cheater, kick a fool, gag a loud mouth, slap a looser and slay a camper :) A server admin must have friendly, welcoming, sympathetic and funny personality. Any problems or misunderstanding to report to Head Admins or Owners



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